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  1. Rahmah
    November 19, 2015

    If you have a CURRENT WRITTEN lease, then that lease is in effect, no matetr who purchases the home, until it’s expiration. If you do not, then you are on a month-to-month tenancy, with the landlord’s estate, and when the property is sold they have the right to give you a 30 day notice to raise the rates or ask you to move. A 24 hour, not a 48 hour, notice is required for a non-emergency reason. They do not have to go to extrodinary measures to contact you either a simple voice mail counts as a contact, whether or not you check. They do not need your permission to show the apartment as long as they give you notice.I wouldn’t make this difficult on the people trying to sell the place after all, you rent the place, you do not own it.PS: A.D aka Texas Realtor, is very, very wrong. You cannot refuse access, bar the entrance or refuse a lockbox. That is grounds for eviction.


    • Protaras
      February 7, 2016

      Thank you for your post Rahmah but I’m not sure how it relates to bad tenants in Cyprus.


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