Bad Tenants In Cyprus

Are the number of bad tenants in Cyprus increasing?

This page provides details to owners and property rental agents in Cyprus of bad tenants that have previously breached the terms of their tenancy agreements. If you or your agent is considering renting your property please check below. We only publish names where the tenant has a signed tenancy agreement including a clause allowing us to publish details if they are in breach of contract.

Tenant Name                         Nationality      Location

Irina Moraru                             Romanian           Kapparis, Paralimni, Ayia Napa

Violetta Antoniou                     Moldovan           Kapparis, Paralimni

Alexandru Daniel Spirae         Romanian          Kapparis, Paralimni

Gintare Ramanauskaite           Baltics                 Kapparis, Paralimni

Inga Khmiacheva                      Russian               Kapparis, Paralimni

Ilia Lysov                                     Russian               Kapparis, Paralimni

Dozie Mbonu                              American            Kapparis, Paralimni

Maryna Komarnytska               Ukrainian            Kapparis

Marina Luminitsa Scheiner    Romanian            Kapparis

Marius Laurentiu Scheiner     Romanian            Kapparis

Catalina Mancas                        Romanian            Kapparis

Adel Constantin Braicau         Romanian            Kapparis

Most of the names in the list are quite ‘unique’ but we have supporting documents, including passports and photos etc, if you wish to check that a prospective tenant with the same name is one that has been identified to be in breach of a previous rental contract.

Last updated 24th October 2015.

Please also refer to the posts on the ‘top Cyprus forum’ regarding bad tenants in Cyprus here.

Bad tenants in Cyprus appear to be on the increase following the economic downturn in the country.

The precise details of the breach of contract are not really important but we can provide details on request. We strongly recommend you do not offer a tenancy agreement to the individuals named above as we only publish names for serious breach of contract (damage to property, unpaid rent etc). Please note where a tenant vacates the property before the end of the rental period without discussing it with the owner / agent is considered a serious breach of contract. Many bad tenants believe that forfeiting their bond is adequate compensation for the owner if they leave before the tenancy ends. Most rental contracts make it quite clear that tenants are to pay the full rental amount for the whole of the rental period. Concessions may be given by the owner in cases of genuine hardship but simply moving to another apartment because the rent is €20 per month less is not acceptable.

If you wish to provide details of any bad tenants that have breached the terms of their tenancy and you have a signed contract allowing the publication of such details please email us a copy of the contract together with precise information regarding the breach. We will then publish the names of the offenders once we have verified the information and we consider the breach serious enough to warrant publication.

Bad tenants in Cyprus

Don’t get caught out with bad tenants in Cyprus.

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2 Responses to Bad Tenants In Cyprus

  1. Rahmah says:

    If you have a CURRENT WRITTEN lease, then that lease is in effect, no matetr who purchases the home, until it’s expiration. If you do not, then you are on a month-to-month tenancy, with the landlord’s estate, and when the property is sold they have the right to give you a 30 day notice to raise the rates or ask you to move. A 24 hour, not a 48 hour, notice is required for a non-emergency reason. They do not have to go to extrodinary measures to contact you either a simple voice mail counts as a contact, whether or not you check. They do not need your permission to show the apartment as long as they give you notice.I wouldn’t make this difficult on the people trying to sell the place after all, you rent the place, you do not own it.PS: A.D aka Texas Realtor, is very, very wrong. You cannot refuse access, bar the entrance or refuse a lockbox. That is grounds for eviction.

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