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Cyprus Apartment Rentals And Sales – Guide To Renting Out A Property In Cyprus

Renting Out A Property In Cyprus

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My name is Paul Alcock and I am a specialist property consultant at Cyprus Apartment Rentals And Sales with personal experience of buying, selling, renting and renting out property in Cyprus.

This brief guide outlines what we consider to be the most important aspects of renting out a property in Cyprus.

It is in bullet form for easy reading and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have on renting out a property in Cyprus.

We are based in Cyprus and have a wide selection of rental properties currently available at excellent prices. For details please email

  • Ensure you or your agent provides a tenancy / rental agreement in English to ALL guests
  • You will not normally require a solicitor to review the tenancy / rental agreements as they are available in template form on the internet
  • Provide accurate details (preferably by email) to your agent or guests regarding your property in Cyprus and nearby amenities
  • Accept Paypal payments from guests, it is easy to set up and allows them to pay on credit card without having a Paypal account themselves
  • Provision of a welcome pack of groceries for your guests will ensure repeat bookings and word of mouth referrals for your property
  • If you do not provide welcome packs ensure ¬†your guests are aware where they can pick up the essentials (especially if their flight lands at 3 in the morning)
  • Always take a breakages deposit and an estimate for utility costs if the guests are expected to pay for water and electricity during their stay. Refund the deposit once your local representative / agent has confirmed the property is undamaged
  • If possible ask the guests to pay all monies to you and for you to pay the agent their commission from the gross rental income rather than the agent handing over the net income
  • Take videos as well as photos of your property for marketing purposes and these days most digital cameras have a basic video facility
  • Ensure the guests know who is responsible for cleaning and the frequency
  • Decide how often linen will be changed and if guests are to pay extra or even provide their own linen
  • What are the arrangements with keys (quite often owners have a key safe by the front door but you will need to ensure your guests have the access code and that it is changed from time to time)
  • Provide clear directions to the property especially if your guests are arriving late at night or are not familiar with the area
  • Obtain a mobile number for your guests in case you need to contact them during your stay
  • If utilities are not included in the cost of the rental ensure your agent or local representative takes meter readings before and after the rental, preferably in the presence of the guest.
  • For long term rentals decide who is responsible for paying management fees / local authority charges
  • Let the guests know if they have the right to extend the tenancy agreement or not


Renting out properties in Cyprus is usually trouble free and many guests will return year after year to the same property or rent for several years without any major problems for the property owners.

Our top tip is not to rely on a single source or agent to provide rentals for your property in Cyprus. We use numerous techniques to market our property rentals including pay per click and internet marketing etc. Let us know if you would like us to help you market your rental property.

If you have any questions about renting out your property in Cyprus please email us at:

Renting Out A Property In CyprusWaterfall at Troodos Mountains

You can also download a PDF copy of this guide from renting out a property in Cyprus

Thank you

Costas and Paul

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