Greek Referendum 5th July 2015


Our Greek Referendum poll is now closed, thanks to everyone that voted.

The result from our basic poll is shown in the pie chart below:

Greek referendum poll result

So what happens now if our results are representative of the actual results to be declared in Greece in the coming hours? A return to the Drachma, a ‘haircut’ on bank deposits, ATM’s to run dry, who really knows but I think it is safe to say it will be a long and rocky road to recovery for Greece.

We are reliably informed that the official results for the referendum will be posted here and that the financial institutions including the ECB will be following the results very closely.

With over two thirds of the actual referendum now counted in Greece it gives OXI (NO) more than 61% of the vote. So at the moment our poll doesn’t look too far away from the actual result and significantly closer to the actual result than most ‘exit‘ polls in Greece.

Comments are now available at the bottom of this page below Leave a Reply.  We didn’t want to be accused of influencing the result of the vote in any way so Comments wasn’t available until the polls in Greece closed.



The Greek Referendum
Yes means accept the Institutions financial package that was offered at the end of June and no means reject the package.



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Cyprus Property Sales

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Cyprus Property Sales Near Ayia Napa, Larnaca and Protaras

Cyprus Apartment Rentals And Sales have access to Cyprus property, both resale and off plan properties, all across the East coast.

If you are looking to a buy a realistically priced Cyprus property directly from the owner why not try Cyprus Apartment Rentals And Sales.

We cater for all budgets from basic studio apartments through to luxury four bedroom detached villas with private pools. Whatever your requirements, we are sure our owners have a property that will appeal to you. Some properties are right on the beach and others are in towns and villages around Ayia, Napa, Larnaca and Protaras. You are sure to find a warm Cypriot welcome wherever you choose to buy.

There are hundreds of properties to choose from in the area and we will do our utmost to ensure yet get the dream property you deserve. We recommend you contact Cyprus Apartment Rentals And Sales with details of the property type, area and budget as soon as possible.

Cyprus Property Sales

We have properties located on exclusive resorts with saunas, gyms and the obligatory swimming pools all within the complex. We also have properties in quiet Cypriot villages for buyers looking for the true Cypriot, relaxed way of life.

With a reported 340 days of sunshine per year Cyprus is a sun worshippers paradise. The summers in Cyprus range from hot to very hot and the winter temperatures are as high as those in Spring and early Autumn of many other European countries.

If you are considering a lifestyle change and relocating to Cyprus you may also be interested in the rent to own scheme available from Cyprus Apartment Rentals And Sales. In simple terms you rent the property with a view to buying it in the future if you like the property and the location.

Please complete the form on our contact page and we will be in touch.

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Cyprus Apartment Rentals And Sales will find you the best possible Cyprus property for you and our services are FREE to property buyers as the property owners pay for our marketing costs.

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Summer Property Rental Availability

Detailed below are some of the properties we have available for summer rentals and the schedule is updated throughout the year. All prices are in Euros please deduct 20% for prices in Sterling.

#LocationType   3 Months   2 Months  1 MonthWeekly
1Armonia Kapparis2BGFbooked
2Armonia Kapparis1BGFbooked
3Armonia Kapparis1BGFbooked
4Armonia Kapparis2B2Fbooked
5Armonia Kapparis2B2Fbooked
6Armonia Kapparis1BGFbooked
7Armonia KapparisSTFFbooked
8Armonia Kapparis2B2Fbooked
9Armonia Kapparis1B2Fbooked
10Armonia Kapparis1BGF1,800
11Armonia KapparisSTFF1,500
12Armonia Kapparis2BGFbooked
13Ayia Napa1B2F397
14Ayia NapaSTGF1,650
#LocationType   3 Months   2 Months  1 MonthWeekly
15Ayia NapaSTGF1,950
16Ayia Thekla3BVPbooked
17Chromata Kapparis1B1Fbooked
19Egina Villa Pernera2BVcPbooked
20Electra Court Kapparis2BGFbooked
21Great Kings Kapparis2BFFBooked
22Great Kings Kapparis2BFFBooked
23Paradise Kapparis2BGFbooked
24Paradise Kapparis2B2Fbooked
26Salonica Kapparis2BFFbooked

Prices exclude electricity except for the weekly rates shown.
All properties are apartments with communal pools unless the Type includes a V for villa.

Please email with the # for the property, the dates you require and how many guests and we will contact you with further details.

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Why I left the Cyprus Eastern Owners Forum

Update: July 2015 Alan Michael Wall aka ProVox continues to insult Cyprus Eastern Owners forum members with impunity.


The Cyprus Eastern Owners Forum is generally a useful, impartial resource for individuals living in, or thinking of moving to, Eastern Cyprus. However occasionally the website owners and his team of moderators make mistakes, like we all do.

For many months I had reported the defamatory posts of one particular Cyprus Eastern Owners forum member and even started new threads requesting an apology for the defamation. I received no response whatsoever from the website owner or the moderators. Just so you have an idea of the kind of defamation I will add just one of the defamatory posts below.

Defamation by ProVox on Eastern Cyprus Owners Forum
ProVox’s first sentence states ‘you ARE a proven fraud!‘ I’m sure you will agree that you can’t get more defamatory than this. After I left the forum I pointed out the defamation AGAIN to the website owner. Despite directing him to the offending post all he did was replace ‘you ARE a proven fraud!‘ with ‘[Edit]’.

This is not acceptable for 2 reasons. Firstly, forum members see the initial defamatory post and will not see the ‘edit’ unless directed to the amended post. So the damage to my reputation has already been done and no corrective action was taken by the Cyprus Eastern Owners Forum.

Secondly, the post contained further defamatory comments that were not removed i.e. ‘I repeat you are a fraud’. Some might think it is acceptable, and even beneficial, for an Accountant to be a ‘proven fraud’, I certainly do not and will not allow it to continue.

In recent days the forum member responsible for the defamation posted further disparaging comments on the forum. This was the final straw for me. I requested an apology for the defamation but the websites owner said he was unable to force a forum member to apologise. Whilst this might technically be true, as it is with asking a convicted murderer to apologise to the victims family, members can have their forum membership suspended or cancelled if they do not adhere to the terms of the forum. As with all forums blatant defamation is clearly defined as unacceptable use of the forum, requiring sanctions against the forum member.

To my knowledge the Eastern Cyprus Owners Forum have never sanctioned this particular forum member for his MANY defamatory posts. Even after I left the forum there was further defamation posted.
Defamation by bubblechris on Eastern Cyprus Owners Forum
‘Lying towrag’ and ‘dishonest statements’ is simply not acceptable and as a former forum administrator myself I am gobsmacked that the Cyprus Eastern Owners Forum allows this to continue.
I am informed that ProVox is quite a pleasant person in ‘real life’ and that somehow this makes his defamatory posts acceptable. His defamatory posts are read by many real life individuals and I have even been approached by individuals that have commented on them. So it is quite clear that defamation has occurred and it is only right that I take action against this individual, and the forum for allowing it to continue.
I don’t believe the forum member even realises how defamatory his posts have been over recent months but if he does he should consider a full and unequivocal apology before it is too late. Likewise the Cyprus Eastern Owners Forum should acknowledge that simply removing defamatory posts is not acceptable without making it clear to all that the post was defamatory, outside the acceptable use of the forum and the offender has been duly sanctioned.

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Weddings In Cyprus

Why are weddings in Cyprus so popular?

Weddings in Cyprus are more relaxing for the bridge, groom and guests alike.

Over 2 years ago when I wrote this article about weddings in Cyprus I never expected to be getting married here myself. Maja and I had a fantastic day which was made even more special as it was Valentine’s Day. As you will see the weather was glorious even in the middle of February. Why risk the weather ruining your big day, come to Cyprus where sunshine is almost guaranteed.

Weddings in Cyprus

We also have a Facebook fan page for Cyprus weddings and a YouTube Channel for Cyprus weddings which we hope you will like.

Every happy couple looking to get married is unique. Many couples in the world want to celebrate their weddings in exotic, far away places. They want to make their wedding a truly unforgettable experience. They try to find out all the different places where they could have their wedding. Try searching the internet, asking friends, family and work colleagues for their advice. Reading newspapers, watching adverts on television and collecting hordes of brochures from wedding agencies should help you find the best place to make your wedding a memorable day. You will want your wedding day to be remembered for the rest of your lives so weddings in Cyprus will always be popular.

Marry in Cyprus

One of the most beautiful and highly recommended places in the world to conduct a wedding ceremony is Cyprus. Why would Cyprus be the best choice for you? People, the world over, have known that Cyprus is a fantastic place to get married for many, many years. There are some great reasons to conduct weddings in Cyprus.

Weddings in Cyprus

First of all, it is well known that Cyprus has an excellent climate all year round and no bride wants it to rain on their wedding day. Statistically Cyprus has about 340 days of sunshine a year and during the summer it hardly ever rains. During the summer season from March to November you will be unlucky to have a bad day for your wedding in Cyprus. You may want to avoid the peak summer months of July and August when the temperatures can top 40 degrees. Even during the winter months the temperatures are regularly over 20 degrees but there is a greater chance of rain.

The Second reason why Cyprus is the best choice is that Cyprus is known as “The Island of Love”. You can imagine for yourself from the name alone just how beautiful the place is!

Cyprus Wedding

The third reason why many people choose Cyprus to conduct and celebrate their wedding is there are a lot of things to see and do around the island. Wherever you stay in Cyprus your weddings guests will have plenty to do. Boating, fishing, scuba diving, swimming and sunbathing are very popular around the miles of sandy beaches on the eastern coast. Horse riding, walking, cycling and rock climbing are all available in the Troodos Mountains located in the centre of the island. The Troodos Mountains also offers welcome relief from the soaring temperatures in the height of summer. Weddings in Cyprus really are a fantastic experience for the happy couple and wedding guests alike.

In conclusion, many people want to celebrate their weddings in Cyprus. Go ahead and experience your unforgettable moment on the Island of Love, Cyprus.

If you would like us to assist you with your weddings in Cyprus we can arrange the following for you:

  • Research and book available wedding venues
  • Obtain preferential rates with property owners for you and your guests
  • Book airport transfers and car rental
  • Arrange excursions during your stay on the island

Cyprus Wedding

Don’t forget to take a look at our Facebook fan page for Cyprus weddings and our YouTube Channel for Cyprus weddings which we hope you will like.

Please email for further information on weddings in Cyprus and wherever you choose to have your wedding we hope you have a marvellous day.

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Hotspot Access – full internet now available

Browsing the Cyprus Apartment Rentals website is FREE for all WiFi hotspot users The slideshows and images will display but most of the videos are hosted on YouTube so they will not be available until you have full access to the hotspot. The video below WILL play as we host it on our own servers specifically for hotspot users that have not yet obtained full access to the internet. If you want to access your email or surf the internet from the comfort of your apartment or villa you will require a voucher.


Prices start from just 3 euros per day (or 2GB download whichever comes first) for full internet access and as little as 27 euros for a whole month (or 60GB download whichever comes first). A full schedule of prices are available in Adobe Acrobat form if you click the following link: Latest Hotspot Prices

When you request a voucher you might automatically be logged in to surf the internet but please check your emails (or SMS on your mobile phone if applicable) for the username and password for your subsequent logins.

Please click the following link if you wish to Connect or Disconnect to or from the Wifi hotspot. When you arrive at the main logon page connect or disconnect as you wish.

If you are connected to the internet you might want to use some of the following links:





Cyprus Mail

Eastern Owners Forum

If you can’t get connected to the internet please send us a message from the Support link towards the top right of the Hotspot login page and provide brief details of the problem.


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