Hotspot Access – full internet now available

Browsing the Cyprus Apartment Rentals website is FREE for all WiFi hotspot users The slideshows and images will display but most of the videos are hosted on YouTube so they will not be available until you have full access to the hotspot. The video below WILL play as we host it on our own servers specifically for hotspot users that have not yet obtained full access to the internet. If you want to access your email or surf the internet from the comfort of your apartment or villa you will require a voucher.


Prices start from just 3 euros per day (or 2GB download whichever comes first) for full internet access and as little as 27 euros for a whole month (or 60GB download whichever comes first). A full schedule of prices are available in Adobe Acrobat form if you click the following link: Latest Hotspot Prices

When you request a voucher you might automatically be logged in to surf the internet but please check your emails (or SMS on your mobile phone if applicable) for the username and password for your subsequent logins.

Please click the following link if you wish to Connect or Disconnect to or from the Wifi hotspot. When you arrive at the main logon page connect or disconnect as you wish.

If you are connected to the internet you might want to use some of the following links:





Cyprus Mail

Eastern Owners Forum

If you can’t get connected to the internet please send us a message from the Support link towards the top right of the Hotspot login page and provide brief details of the problem.


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