Why I left the Cyprus Eastern Owners Forum

Update: July 2015 Alan Michael Wall aka ProVox continues to insult Cyprus Eastern Owners forum members with impunity.


The Cyprus Eastern Owners Forum is generally a useful, impartial resource for individuals living in, or thinking of moving to, Eastern Cyprus. However occasionally the website owners and his team of moderators make mistakes, like we all do.

For many months I had reported the defamatory posts of one particular Cyprus Eastern Owners forum member and even started new threads requesting an apology for the defamation. I received no response whatsoever from the website owner or the moderators. Just so you have an idea of the kind of defamation I will add just one of the defamatory posts below.

Defamation by ProVox on Eastern Cyprus Owners Forum
ProVox’s first sentence states ‘you ARE a proven fraud!‘ I’m sure you will agree that you can’t get more defamatory than this. After I left the forum I pointed out the defamation AGAIN to the website owner. Despite directing him to the offending post all he did was replace ‘you ARE a proven fraud!‘ with ‘[Edit]’.

This is not acceptable for 2 reasons. Firstly, forum members see the initial defamatory post and will not see the ‘edit’ unless directed to the amended post. So the damage to my reputation has already been done and no corrective action was taken by the Cyprus Eastern Owners Forum.

Secondly, the post contained further defamatory comments that were not removed i.e. ‘I repeat you are a fraud’. Some might think it is acceptable, and even beneficial, for an Accountant to be a ‘proven fraud’, I certainly do not and will not allow it to continue.

In recent days the forum member responsible for the defamation posted further disparaging comments on the forum. This was the final straw for me. I requested an apology for the defamation but the websites owner said he was unable to force a forum member to apologise. Whilst this might technically be true, as it is with asking a convicted murderer to apologise to the victims family, members can have their forum membership suspended or cancelled if they do not adhere to the terms of the forum. As with all forums blatant defamation is clearly defined as unacceptable use of the forum, requiring sanctions against the forum member.

To my knowledge the Eastern Cyprus Owners Forum have never sanctioned this particular forum member for his MANY defamatory posts. Even after I left the forum there was further defamation posted.
Defamation by bubblechris on Eastern Cyprus Owners Forum
‘Lying towrag’ and ‘dishonest statements’ is simply not acceptable and as a former forum administrator myself I am gobsmacked that the Cyprus Eastern Owners Forum allows this to continue.
I am informed that ProVox is quite a pleasant person in ‘real life’ and that somehow this makes his defamatory posts acceptable. His defamatory posts are read by many real life individuals and I have even been approached by individuals that have commented on them. So it is quite clear that defamation has occurred and it is only right that I take action against this individual, and the forum for allowing it to continue.
I don’t believe the forum member even realises how defamatory his posts have been over recent months but if he does he should consider a full and unequivocal apology before it is too late. Likewise the Cyprus Eastern Owners Forum should acknowledge that simply removing defamatory posts is not acceptable without making it clear to all that the post was defamatory, outside the acceptable use of the forum and the offender has been duly sanctioned.

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