Long Term Property Rentals In Cyprus

Are you looking for long term property rentals in Cyprus?

Now is an excellent time to secure a new long term rental property in Kapparis, Protaras, Pernera and Paralimni. Now that the main summer season is drawing to a close there are plenty of good quality rental properties in the area to choose from. Owners are looking for reliable tenants for their properties now and are flexible when it comes to the terms of the tenancy.

Long term property rentals in Cyprus

Long Term Property Rentals In Cyprus

We currently have a good selection of modern studio, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom apartments for rent at excellent rates in the Paralimni, Kapparis, Pernera and Protaras area. Details updated September 2015.

Studios apartments from just €220 per month

1 bedroom apartments from €250 per month

2 bedroom apartments from €300 per month

3 bedroom apartments from €395 per month

We also have villas, with and without pools, from just €395 per month. Bonds are required with all our rental properties. Short term holiday lets are also available at excellent rates throughout the year but we recommend you book early for the peak summer months to obtain the best rental property at the best available price.

For long and short term property rentals the owners will require the following information when you submit your enquiry:

  • Dates the rental will start and end. Approximate dates are fine for long term rentals.
  • Number of adults and children in your group.
  • Details of any pets you will have at the property.
  • Indicate if the proximity to bus stops is important i.e. will you have a car in Cyprus.
  • Type of property required i.e. apartment or villa
  • For apartments indicate your preference for ground, middle or top floor.
  • Your preference for pool i.e. none, communal or private.

Please complete the short form below or email longterm@cyprus-apartment-rentals.co.uk for further details.

If you have any general comments or questions regarding long term property rentals in Cyprus that might be useful for other visitors to this website please post in the Leave a Reply section at the bottom of the page.

Contact Us
Please provide as much information as possible and if writing in Greek use the GREEK, not English, alphabet. Alternatively write in English, thanks.

Long Term Property Rentals In Cyprus in the Protaras, Kapparis and Paralimni areas.

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46 Responses to Long Term Property Rentals In Cyprus

  1. Cheryl meeson says:

    Hi we are looking to rent long term and are looking at a 3 bedroom apartment/ villa im the protaras area and do u have any prices on how much it would be many thanks.

  2. Protaras says:

    Sent you an email Cheryl.

  3. Paula hopwell says:

    We are looking for a long term fully furnished rental with pool in the Pernera area or areas around Pernera.
    Please can you advise what you have

  4. Protaras says:

    We have sent you an email Paula but we must apologise as we referred to you as Paul, sorry.

  5. Paul price says:

    Hi there-can you email me some links you have to 2 and 3 bedroom properties please-looking to relocate around the protaras region please-thank you very much

  6. Protaras says:

    We have just sent you an email Paul about 2 and 3 bedroom properties in the Protaras area.

  7. Sarah Stone says:

    Do you have two bedroom apartments available for long term rental in Paralimni or Kapparis? Pool would be nice for summer but not essential if close to beach.
    2 adults no children and no pets.
    Long term let to start mid December at the latest.

  8. Protaras says:

    Yes Sarah we have a good selection of modern 2 bedroom apartments in and around Paralimni. Based on a 12 month rental starting in December the prices are typically €350 per month including the use of a communal pool. We have emailed details of a selection of properties that we currently have available that we think would be suitable for you and your family.

  9. Stephen says:

    If we take a long term rental with you how much is the bond on a 2 bedroom apartment?
    Do you still have properties available to let in Kapparis / Pernera for 12 months starting before Christmas?

    • Protaras says:

      The bond is generally equal to one months rent but this can vary from property to property.
      Yes we still have properties available and we have sent you an email Stephen to arrange viewings at a mutually convenient time.

  10. Brocky says:

    We are looking for a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment or villa in Protaras or Kapparis.
    Can you send us details of your rental properties. We already live in Cyprus and have no pets.

  11. Frances says:

    I am looking for a nice 3 bedroom villa in the Kaparis, Pernera or Protaras area, for long term rent, must have a good size pool! If you have anything could you let me know please. I am in Cyprus at the moment until Wednesday
    Regards Frances

  12. niki says:

    Am intresting for apt. For long term…

  13. Danai says:

    hello. i’m looking for a ground floor apartment or house at kapparis area.
    >Long term rental
    >2 bedrooms
    >maximum rent 300 euros
    in a quiet block
    with small garden because i have a cat for pet. the most important for me is not to be close to road because of my cat, so i need a view looking on fields or something like that. do have anything with this description? thank u!

  14. Heather says:

    Hi. My husband and I, who are retired, are interested in booking a small villa in the Penera, Kapparis, A. Triada area for around 6-8 weeks, Sept-Oct 2016.
    We know the area well and are excellent careful tenants.
    Hopefully, you would have some properties for us to consider?
    Many Thanks

    Heather and Jack

  15. Rachel says:

    Do you have any 2 bedroom properties available (apartments or houses) for long term rental starting in December (no pets, 2 adults)?

  16. Andreas says:

    Hey there!
    I am looking for a long term rental apartment in protaras, cavo maris, cavo creco, that direction if is anything available please contact me.

  17. ROBERT says:


  18. Liz N says:

    Good Morning,
    I have found your Website for long term rental. I’m considering to come and live in Cyprus as my retierment Starts in Autumn 2016.
    I’ m looking for a nice modern 2 bedroom Apartment or detached House with furniture. As I’m a artist/painter and Photographer I would like to have a extra room to install. I mostly like to live in the Upper section of a house and possibly with Pool. I have no pets.
    It should be close to a busstop and by foot reachable alimentry and seaside. Kapparis Paralimni or Larnoca. No AyaNapa.
    Price can be Maximum about 600 Euros.
    I will be in Cyprus from the 14th to the 21. of March Inches there are any options to Look at some properties.
    I’ m from Switzerlandand it would be for One person.

  19. Louise E says:

    Do you have any 3 or 4 bedroom villas available for long term rent In Kapparis or Pernera?

  20. louis says:

    Hi. Do you have any 1-2 bedroom apt available for mid june till mid august in protaras or kapparis?

  21. chris says:

    Hello im looking for a long term let in cyprus , with a pool perferably with a decent size garden price range up to £600 euro per month 2 adults no children no pets to move immediately thanks…..

  22. Natali says:

    Hello, we’re couple looking for studio or flat or apartments from 25/07 – 24/10 3 month . Famagustra (Paralimimi , Pafos, or beside)
    also we need cheapest price , pls send me msg mail . thks

  23. John H says:

    Hi,we are looking for a 2 bedroom apartment or villa furnished on a 12 month rental around Paralimni or Kapparis area

    • Protaras says:

      Just sent you an email John.

      • John H says:

        We are hoping to come out to Cyprus on the 4 March 2017 for a minimum of 12 months.there will just my wife and I,and are not bothered about a pool.we would prefer to be near a bus route,and have a budget up to 500 euros a month.we are looking for 2bed apartment or villa around Paralimni or Kapparis area.

  24. Simona says:

    Hi we are look for a apartment 1 or 2 bedrooms in kapparis areea for long term .can you give us details of your rentals thank you .

  25. lee says:

    Do you have any 3/4 bed villas to rent long term please
    around paralimni , Kapparis , ayia trida area etc

    Many Thanks

  26. Ann pelham says:

    We are looking for a small villa or two bedroom apartment with pool to rent from September for long term rent. In kappris or peneracyprus please could you email me a list , of property’s and we could pay 300 euros a month furnished or part furnished. Thank you kind regards Ann Roy Pelham.

    • Ann pelham says:

      We are looking for a small villa or two bedroom apartment with pool to rent from September 2017 in kappris or pernera , protaras. Please could you email Alistair of property’s and we could pay 300 a month furnished, or part furnished. Thank you kind regards Ann Roy Pelham.

  27. Diyana Ivanova says:

    I would like to ask you about a small flat for rent from April to November 2018 in Protaras / 250eur -350eur/ ?
    Thank you in advance

  28. Rodel says:

    Hi I’m looking for a one bedroom fully furnished apartment near shops bus stops. Looking around £250 if possible

    Thank you.

  29. sheila says:

    Do you have any properties available in the Deryneia area or nearby..? Three bedrooms, but would consider two if the property is a decent size…Would prefer a bungalow or villa and a pool would be a bonus…I’m looking for a rental to begin Jan/Feb 2018.

    Regards Sheila

  30. Terry Horne says:

    Me and my wife are coming out to Protaras for a week in October. We are looking for a long term rent in this or surrounding area.Two bed with the use of a pool or near the beach. Also an area to sit and chill in the shade , like a small garden. Could we visit you when we are in Cyprus?

  31. Barbara says:

    I’d like to rent a 1 bedroom apartment in or very close to protaras (long term).
    If you have any properties I’m in the area this week to have a look.
    Thanks in advance

  32. Omar says:

    Buongiorno…vorrei venire a Cipro con i miei genitori x 2/3 mesi di prova da settembre a novembre. Vorrei chiedervi se avete qualche appartamento con 2 camere vicino ai servizi? Budget 350/450 al mese? Aspettando una vostra risposta vi auguro buone feste…Omar

  33. Costas P says:

    Do you have any apartments available in Kapparis or Paralimni for long term rental?

    We are two adults and looking for at least 1 year rental.

  34. Nathan says:

    Looking for a long term rental in the Kapparis or Paralimni area. Two bedroom apartment or villa. Pool not important but must be modern property. Rental to start March for minimum of 1 year.

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