Summer Property Rental Availability

Detailed below are some of the properties we have available for summer rentals and the schedule is updated throughout the year. All prices are in Euros please deduct 20% for prices in Sterling.

# Location Type    3 Months    2 Months   1 Month Weekly
1 Armonia Kapparis 2BGF booked
2 Armonia Kapparis 1BGF booked
3 Armonia Kapparis 1BGF booked
4 Armonia Kapparis 2B2F booked
5 Armonia Kapparis 2B2F booked
6 Armonia Kapparis 1BGF booked
7 Armonia Kapparis STFF booked
8 Armonia Kapparis 2B2F booked
9 Armonia Kapparis 1B2F booked
10 Armonia Kapparis 1BGF 1,800
11 Armonia Kapparis STFF 1,500
12 Armonia Kapparis 2BGF booked
13 Ayia Napa 1B2F 397
14 Ayia Napa STGF 1,650
# Location Type    3 Months    2 Months   1 Month Weekly
15 Ayia Napa STGF 1,950
16 Ayia Thekla 3BVP booked
17 Chromata Kapparis 1B1F booked
18 Dherynia 2B2F 1,800
19 Egina Villa Pernera 2BVcP booked
20 Electra Court Kapparis 2BGF booked
21 Great Kings Kapparis 2BFF Booked
22 Great Kings Kapparis 2BFF Booked
23 Paradise Kapparis 2BGF booked
24 Paradise Kapparis 2B2F booked
25 Pernera 3BV 2,000
26 Salonica Kapparis 2BFF booked
27 Paralimni 2BTHcP 3,600 3,000

Prices exclude electricity except for the weekly rates shown.
All properties are apartments with communal pools unless the Type includes a V for villa.

Please email with the # for the property, the dates you require and how many guests and we will contact you with further details.

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