Will Greece Leave The Eurozone?

Before we consider the fate for Greece I would just like to point out that Cyprus is NOT a Greek island despite the ongoing references to the contrary in the media and elsewhere. Last week there were signs wrongly posted at Gatwick airport warning travellers to Cyprus that ATM’s may not dispense Euros and to stock up with currency before they leave the UK.

Despite the abundance of Greek flags in Cyprus and the fact some locals speak with a Greek dialect Cyprus is an independent country and to repeat, not a Greek island. Our ATM’s are fine and visitors are advised to bring a nominal sum in hard currency as they have always done.

The video below is from the European Parliament and shows Guy Verhofstadt ‘suggesting’ what Alexis Tsipras needs to do if he wants Greece to avoid an exit from the Eurozone. It is the most refreshing video that I have watched in a long time. I urge all EU citizens to watch the video and then wait to see in the coming days if Greece leaves the Eurozone. Nobody likes being told what to do, least of all a Politician, but if Alexis Tsipras represents the people of Greece, and polls suggest they are strongly in favour of remaining in the Eurozone, then he now knows what he needs to do.

If he ignores Guy Verhofstadt’s suggestions it is clear that he wants to leave the Eurozone against the will of his people.

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